Your Own Personal Bad Tarot Card Reading

So, you want your very own, personal Really Bad Tarot Card Reading?

Maybe you want a REAL Tarot Card Reading, but don’t want to fork out $50-$100?

Maybe you’re bored and curious?

Whatever, dude.

Since I’m not “out there” on the psychic fair circuit every week or two “plying my wares” you may never have a chance to experience a Really Bad Tarot Card Reading face-to-face.

Well…at least not one of mine…I’m sure there are plenty of Really Bad Tarot Card Readings done all the time.

I am now extending this GENEROUS OFFER (and by generous offer I of course mean that I am happy and willing to take your money) to the public.

For the low, introductory price of $10 ‘Merican, I will set up a session with you to have your very own Really Bad Tarot Card Reading via Skype video. Actually, I will be on video – you can do whatever the hell you want.

I will either do it “live” at a mutually agreed upon time, or if you really don’t give a damn I will send you a video clip of your reading.

The reading will last somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 minutes, Live readings may run longer if I am inspired by my Guides and Angels, or if we just decide to sit and bullshit a while.

I will try to entertain you. I will try to enlighten you. I will try to show you the path before you (or behind you…it’s a path…goes more than one direction by definition.

What I will not do? I will not try to sell you anything else. And I am still not going to read the directions that came with the cards. In the psychic business we call that “intuitive”.

But most of all, remember what I always say…

I might be wrong.

By the way this comes with a 3-month membership to the Friends of Filler at no extra charge. Enjoy.

After I am notified of your payment I will contact you via Email to set up your very own, personal Really Bad Tarot Card Reading.