World Paranormal Investigations & Steve Kulls On Filler


John and Bea Brugge are the Founders/Presidents of World Paranormal Investigations, LLC. The organization was founded in July of 2004. They organized the team with a couple of friends in the United Kingdom. The thought was that 2 separate countries could join together and investigate reports of the paranormal.

Steve Kulls, a professional investigator, has had a lifelong fascination with the Bigfoot phenomena since an  early age. In 1998 after reading  “Monsters of the Northwoods”, Steve like many  of the general population had believed that sightings were exclusive to the Pacific Northwest, learned that there were numerous sighting reports close to his residence in upstate New York.  Steve firmly believes in a “boots on the ground”, methodology of obtaining evidence for or against, evidence regarding the Sasquatch mystery. Steve has had three sightings in the last ten years and a handful of what he describes as “most likely, close encounters” with the creatures, after initially entering the field quite skeptical.

Hour 1: World Paranormal Investigations

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