Victoria Reinertsdatter On Paranormal Filler


This Sunday Victoria Reinertsdatter (yup, I copy and paste that name pretty much every time) is coming on to discuss:

Lightworker As Self-Centered Ego Gratification

This ought to be fun. Sunday night at 8PM.

Victoria began learning different divination styles after a near death experience at age 9 blew her mind. Now well versed in the study of over 49 styles of divination: she really has no intention of not learning new ones. (Most recently, she learned to read beans from a Bosnian woman.)

She is predominantly an astrologer, with works appearing on everything from parenting blogs to global astrology sites she tends to carry a very blunt approach to her readings. Utilizing humor and pop culture references as well as her own special method, her daily and weekly horoscopes can be found at Astrology Answers where millions of people enjoy them. Her adaptability in voice really shines here, which- you’ll see when we launch Drunken Capricorn Dailies. However, if you’d like daily horoscope packages, there are several of our members that offer them: she is one.

She can be booked for live shows, readings, written material and other fun stuff via the contact page of this website or by emailing her directly at and putting your query in the subject line. She is also the dominatri- ah, the mentor that handles all new recruits and potential apprentices.

You can also find her on Facebook ,  Twitter, and catch that mutt live and uncut on Periscope! Following her on Twitter, and then adding the app to your phone is the only way to get in on all that live Hot Action Astrologer. Warning: she’s not particularly tactful or restrained on either of those and it’s NOT all about astrology. These are also the best places to find out what shows and appearances she’ll be making.