Subscriber Update


Now it’s a mission.

As usual, my apologies.  I THINK the video feed broadcast, but alas the record function would not work. I THINK this was a server malfunction. Regardless there will be no video archive for the January 17th episode.

Another quick apology to Diversity Broadcasting and the other affiliates that work from my Shoutcast/Icecast feed. Some settings on that computer that I had not touched in months spontaneously got switched to a live microphone instead of the complete feed. I will assume it happened while I was tinkering with the video patch. It has been fixed.

On the bright side, both hours of audio were completed and recorded so there is a public archive and a subscriber archive. I was told that the live feed was “glitchy”, but I am not sure if that was on my end or the server end.

It is painfully obvious that the only way I am going to be able to broadcast the live video with any success is to add another computer dedicated only to that task. Next week’s show will incorporate that new setup.

I think I have a plan!