Sorry, We Are Closed

Paranormal Filler has ended.

I would like to thank the thousands of listeners that I attempted to entertain and educate over the years.  The time has come to close this particular project and move on to some great opportunities that have come my way.

Scarefest Radio has become a juggernaut. Its popularity is growing and already I am becoming better known for my involvement in that project than for Paranormal Filler. In the spring of 2018 The Scarefest asked me to transition Scarefest Radio into a video format.  They gave me the necessary resources, support and full creative control over the reimagined show.

I was tired of Paranormal Filler getting lost in the sea of podcasts out there. Since I started Paranormal Filler about 6 years ago the podcast landscape has evolved. Internet radio has gotten so much easier to do since I started. As the format became easier to produce, more and more people have jumped in. While most grow frustrated and don’t last, a never ending new supply of hosts join the fray daily.

I wanted to end Paranormal Filler while it was still at least “towards” the top of the genre. Scarefest Radio gave me that opportunity to put my energy towards a new medium. While I am hardly a pioneer in the videocast medium, the medium is young and growing, and the skills I acquired doing Paranormal Filler over the years gives me a “leg up”.

Then out of the blue, Vidi Space, upon finding out that I had closed down Paranormal Filler, asked me to add my talents to their lineup on their fledgling TV network. While I wasn’t thrilled about adding another show to my workload, it was an opportunity I was afraid to pass up. Gone Off Topic, a subscription offering that I never got off the ground, was reborn for television.

So if you’re a fan you can still find me out there, on the air, every damned week like always.

If you’re just checking things out, I invite you to sample my new shows.

If you’re one of my many critics… Suckit. People love me.