So I Had This Bright Idea…

sfbabes2Always being the guy to embrace any gimmick to attract attention to the show, I’ve been wondering if I should go all out for Scarefest and stock  the booth with women in slinky outfits.

You may think I am joking but there is a reason that the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum booth is always one of the busiest at the convention, and it ain’t because of no ghosts. It involves Rebecca Jordan-Gleason and a rather flattering straight jacket.

sfbabes1I’ve already gotten one serious inquiry. Basically all the ladies would have to do is stand around the booth from time to time and look good, pose for some pictures with the fans, follow me around with a camera from time to time, and invite people to listen to the shows. Have something else to offer? Sexy psychic? Turned-On Tarot? BadASStrology (where said inquiry came from)?  Opportunities are available.

sfbabes3My lovely wife says that she will participate and leave her “mom jeans” at home. It’s a little late in the game for myself. I guess I could dye my beard but opening buttons on my shirt is not going to help the cause.

Of course there is the dilemma of what to name my crew.  The only name I have come up with is the “Attention Whores” and that seems a little over-the-top to even me.

It’s not much, but all I can offer in return is a free pass for the weekend  (about a $100 value with the media perks), and I would probably spring for a meal or two.

So if you’re interested send me your resume. No porn: Just a good picture or two will do.


stormtrooperI should point out that the photos I chose for this article were meant to demonstrate what is possible, what one sees routinely at The Scarefest, and quite bluntly to draw attention to the article. Interested parties need not paint anything nor expose any body parts they wish not to expose.  “Sexy” is an illusion and illusions can be done in many ways.

Although going heavy on the eye makeup and lipstick probably won’t kill you.