Friends Of Filler

membersI made up my mind years ago to keep Paranormal Filler a FREE broadcast. Of course at the time that I made up my mind I had no idea of how it would evolve.

I had a passion for the paranormal, one computer, and a complete lack of any real talent.

Now I have that same passion for the paranormal, five computers broadcasting to multiple relay servers, redundant internet providers, a waiting list for guests, a small amount of notoriety, and still that nagging lack of any real talent.

Obviously the growth of my hobby has not come cheap.  And yet there is so much more that I want to do. To grow this little project of mine, I have decided to add a paid subscription service to the tangle of ideas, wires, and cigarette butts that is my public life.

Determined to keep Paranormal Filler a FREE broadcast, I had to come up with something special to offer people for their hard earned dollars – a paid plug-in if you will.

So here it is, The Friends Of Filler subscription. In addition to the weekly, hour long FREE version of the show, I am adding a second hour to the show whenever possible and practical. This second hour can still be heard FREE as a LIVE broadcast. However, the archives of the second hour will only be available to members and posted here on the web site.

Also, I had some success a couple of years back with a video presentation of Paranormal Filler. I discontinued the effort only because it was a LOT of trouble and I didn’t always feel like getting “cleaned-up” to do the show. But, I figure if people will pay me to do it…what the hell. The video version will of course have my webcam. Additionally, whenever the guest has a webcam I will do my best to  share that video over the broadcast and archives.

Finally, I will just plain old give stuff away. Once I have a decent member base established I will start spending some of the money on trinkets and gifts to be given away to the members – sometimes during the live broadcast…sometimes randomly.

Let’s see how it goes.