Frank J. Bennett On Paranormal Filler


I don’t think I have been looking forward to an episode more than this upcoming Sunday’s for a long time. Frank Bennett is a fascinating man with an incredibly wide range of topics to talk about and all of them seem to circle back to his vast knowledge of scripture.

Frank is the author of BibleByBennett, created in 2008. Born in Baltimore, Frank has had a unique and well-rounded life full of experiences, professions, studies and interests. Few can say they have raised over 600 pounds, have been a bodyguard for country recording stars, has worked in the legal field, has succeeded in the demolition field, has appeared in over 30 film productions, and has been on radio and TV. All this and much, much more.

Frank has done all this and kept a great sense of humor. Frank is well traveled and well read. As a Bible teacher, he uses his knowledge of scripture and his instincts and those scriptures to explain mysteries from the past, present, and future.

Encounter with The Aberdeen Wildman is the examination and explanation of paranormal experiences by the Author. The Author uses his extensive knowledge and instincts of Scripture and other historical and scientific information to examine and explain the paranormal, the crypto-zoological, the spiritual, all the while exposing the various deceptions behind them.