Author John S Weiss On Paranormal Filler


From the bio on his web site:

How can a simple acorn lead to a series of fascinating experiences in the afterlife dimension? Well, one night after meditating myself to sleep by focusing my mind’s eye on a beautiful little acorn, I awoke in what I assumed to be a super-realistic dream. All my senses were heightened in a way that was nearly impossible for me to comprehend.

During the first of a series of these profound dreams, I met a young man named Lyle who informed me that I wasn’t dreaming at all, but had mistakenly tunneled my conscious being into the world of the dead. What a joke I thought!

Of course, I didn’t believe one bit of it; I simply thought my dream was some sort of a ridiculous hallucination. But the next time I meditated myself to sleep, I returned to this impossible world with Lyle waiting for me. Thus began a long series of incredible dreams where my ghostly new friend accompanied by his thought-constructed girlfriend taught me a wonderful new way to perceive life.

I learned a wide range of mind-boggling things, from a revolutionary biological mechanism that makes the afterlife a scientific reality, to a startling theory on the origins of Christianity. We also had lengthy discussions about the benefits of brain dysfunction, why a universal intelligence (Creator) makes just too much sense, and so much more.

When we took a break from our often heated discussions, we went on absolutely mesmerizing trips that were derived from a compilation of millions’ of peoples’memories spanning thousands of years. Most of these excursions were thrilling, while a few were quite disturbing.

But, as  incredible and impossible as all this was, what really blew me away was the real, hidden reason why I was really there. I had been fortuitously chosen to play a critical role in a quantum physics experiment aimed at creating a whole new being in the afterlife. (Yeah, sounds pretty ridiculous!) Oh, and by the way, I hadn’t believed a single moment of this until I was shown pretty conclusive proof. To this day, however, I remain a skeptic. Will you?