Your Weekly Bad Tarot Card Reading

I am in fact returning to doing my weekly Bad Tarot Readings. I played with it this past weekend at a convention and not only did I entertain a few people…I actually (*see blind hog finding acorn analogy) gave a couple of people advice they found useful (and told one lady to give a ghost a penny…no idea if that worked or not).

Best of all, I covered my gas money.

What will our guidance for this coming week be?

Today’s card comes from an absolutely beautiful deck from my collection, Mystical Tarot by Giuliano Costa. I drew what appears to be the 15 of pentacles. I did not even know there was a 15 of pentacles. But I am going to roll with it. Or maybe it’s a sword. There is a swordish thing too. Where are the instructions when you need them?


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