Would You Like To Be A Guest?

I am always looking for guests to come on my shows. Now that I’ve added Gone Off Topic to the line-up, I have a lot of spots to fill.

If you would like to be considered as a guest on any of my programs, just email me.

  • Paranormal Filler deals with ghosts, psychics, and other metaphysical topics. It is a pure interview format.
  • Gone Off Topic is, obviously, topic driven – less of an interview format as much as it is a chance to put forth viewpoints and to discuss ideas.
  • Scarefest Radio is centered around the Scarefest Convention, its guests, staff, and vendors. All bookings for this show go through their management.

Include as much information about yourself and your work as possible to help us decide when to showcase you. Be sure to mention any upcoming appearances you may have booked as this is taken into consideration in our scheduling to help you promote yourself.

Paranormal Investigators: Please refer to a topic, specialty, or area of interest that you would like to discuss. I am not interested in hearing your EVP’s or discussing your blurry photographs on the air. I want to know who you are, why you are in the field, and what you know. I want to know what you have experienced and what you believe.

Authors: If you would like to appear on one of the programs you should consider furnishing me with either a hard or digital copy of the work you want to showcase. While it is NOT required, I have found that being familiar with an author’s work and style makes for a much smoother interview.

Psychics: I want to know the when, where, and how of your gifts. You are invited to “read” me as much as you feel comfortable with. About the only thing I won’t share on the air is my sex life.

Paranormal Event Organizers: Paranormal Filler wants you! I love talking to the people that put their heart and soul into putting together paranormal conferences and conventions. Give  yourself some credit and get your event some free publicity.

Horror and Culture Event Organizers: Opportunities to come on Scarefest Radio are available! Contact Layla at their office.

Ufologists and Crytozoologists: These areas of interest are not my specialty, BUT I love discussing them along with other areas of the paranormal and pop culture that are not listed individually here.