Weekend Really Bad Tarot Reading for January 27

For this weekend’s Really Bad Tarot Reading I drew THE EMPRESS (insert scary music here) from my Tarot of Fire deck.

Apparently this chick is pissed off and can shoot smoke from her fingers. Since I am not predicting that you are going to become an X-Man named Fingersmoke, there must be a deeper meaning to this card…or at least something that I can pull out of my ass.

My guess…I mean interpretation of this card is that someone is going to point fingers at you. It’s all just a smoke screen (see how I fit that in…genius) to cover up how incredibly pissed off they are at the world. Just smile and know that their anger is not yours to deal with. Your happiness does not depend on their approval.

And based on the card they should be really pissed that their haircut makes their head look huge…and no, that is not the only
coffee cup I own. I just wasn’t going to dirty another cup just for this.