My Really Bad Tarot Card Reading for the Week of November 20th

After last week’s card I decided to go with a much warmer and fuzzier deck of Tarot Cards for this week’s guidance.

And yes, I know that wasn’t a fifteen of pentacles last week – it was the DEVIL. But since I’m reading the cards, if I don’t want it to be the devil then it isn’t the devil. Suckit.

So let’s pull one from our Bohemian Cat’s Tarot! Nothing could be warmer and fuzzier than a Bohemian Cat!

A cat on a horse. Well isn’t that warm and fuzzy.

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Your Weekly Bad Tarot Card Reading

I am in fact returning to doing my weekly Bad Tarot Readings. I played with it this past weekend at a convention and not only did I entertain a few people…I actually (*see blind hog finding acorn analogy) gave a couple of people advice they found useful (and told one lady to give a ghost a penny…no idea if that worked or not).

Best of all, I covered my gas money.

What will our guidance for this coming week be?

Today’s card comes from an absolutely beautiful deck from my collection, Mystical Tarot by Giuliano Costa. I drew what appears to be the 15 of pentacles. I did not even know there was a 15 of pentacles. But I am going to roll with it. Or maybe it’s a sword. There is a swordish thing too. Where are the instructions when you need them?


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Weekend Really Bad Tarot Reading for January 27

For this weekend’s Really Bad Tarot Reading I drew THE EMPRESS (insert scary music here) from my Tarot of Fire deck.

Apparently this chick is pissed off and can shoot smoke from her fingers. Since I am not predicting that you are going to become an X-Man named Fingersmoke, there must be a deeper meaning to this card…or at least something that I can pull out of my ass. Continue reading Weekend Really Bad Tarot Reading for January 27

Weekend Really Bad Tarot Reading For January 20th

I drew some cats in a boat with swords stuck in it. Since cats notoriously hate water it seems a bit silly that they would poke a bunch of holes in the bottom of their boat willy-nilly. This tells me that events this weekend may not make sense, but that if you neatly poke holes in the arguements of your detractors that you will still stay afloat in the end.

Also notice that the cat standing in the boat is holding a stick. Since cats do not have opposable thumbs this means that this will be a great weekend to try something that you thought was impossible. But don’t stand up in the boat…that’s dangerous…it’s a damned cat and cat’s are stupid.