Author Tim Swartz On Paranormal Filler


Tim R. Swartz has for well over a decade investigated the claims that the earth is hollow or that a vast cavern system circles the globe that is inhabited by a mutant race of beings known as the Dero which wish evil upon us surface dwellers.

His book on the expeditions of Admiral Richard E. Byrd, Tim has looked into the so called Shaver Mystery which dates back to the mid 1940s and involves a series of articles which appeared in the popular pup magazine Amazing Stories as written by Richard Shaver who claims to have been held captive by a hidden race of beings who live beneath the crust of the earth.

In the shocking pages of Richard Shaver: Reality of the Inner Earth , Tim Swartz discusses the existence of numerous underground races including the ancient race of Titians and the Atlantean Giants. as well as the Dero. He also reveals the existence of ancient Death Ray Machines that are aimed at surface dwellers constantly in an attempt to create havoc among the population of the “outer world.” As well as holographic projections that create false illusions that are said to be responsible for unexplained
appearances of many UFOs as well as religious phenomena like the “Virgin Mary” apparitions at Fatima.

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