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Rook EMF Meter with Sound, by GhostStop


The new Rook EMF Meter with sound, by GhostStop, detects small changes in electromagnetic energy and alerts with lights and sound. This detector is specifically designed for ghost hunting with an emphasis on detecting energy changes and proximity so you can be alerted to a presence and track down the source easily. The Rook is fortified to reduce outside interference and false readings. The Rook is built from GhostStop’s experience as paranormal investigators with features they need for quality evidence and source tracking.

Elizabeth Saint On Paranormal Filler


Elizabeth Saint is an American Actress, Model, Electrical Engineer and Paranormal Investigator. After graduating high school, she signed a two year contract and moved to New York City to pursue a high fashion modeling career. After a few years, she felt something was still missing from her life and decided to go to college for a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in Electrical Systems Technology. As an Engineer, Elizabeth has been awarded many professional opportunities, and one in particular that led her to a job working for the Department of Defense down in the Washington D.C. area. Restless to find a hobby outside the workplace, Elizabeth started to get involved in two lifelong passions of hers – film and the paranormal.

Elizabeth has always demonstrated a sensitivity to the supernatural. The manifestations she first experienced as a child led her to pursue a life dedicated to explaining the unexplainable. While living in D.C., she was able to deepen her understanding as a sensitive by working with Maryland Paranormal Research® as a Technician and Senior Investigator. At that time, she also started to get involved in local indie film productions. As an actress, within the past 3 years, Elizabeth has been a part of 20 different film and television projects.

shamanshirtCROPPEDHour 2: SHAMANigans with Coyote Chris Sutton

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