Subscriber Update


The launch of the new version of the show went…ok.


The video project is going to have to be retooled. I am not sure if it was a computer issue or a bandwidth issue, but something went awry.

Fortunately, the audio archive that I record locally came out almost flawless (audio wise – technically it needed some edits). But the second hour of the live version was crap for some reason, and the video version was almost unwatchable due to the audio glitches.

I am thinking that it is a computer issue. I should have plenty of upstream bandwidth to do the extra stream. But, as I have observed many a time, Skype can be a bit of a processor hog. I never really had any issue with the video when I ran it on a different computer using the same internet connection. So I am going to try to find a work-around that offloads the video version of the show to a different computer that will still allow me to incorporate guest video when available.

And you thought this would be easy.

One change that I know I need to make immediately is to physically broadcast the show as two separate segments. I tried to broadcast this first episode of the new year as one continuous show and the technical and timing intricacies overwhelmed me at the mid-point. That’s a minor adjustment. Instead of one two-hour show, you will hear two one-hour shows in the future.

So that’s my report. I am really sorry about the video, but I am working on it!


I have rewired some hardware so that for the next try, the computer that handles the primary audio feed will not have to handle the video feed. I think the combined processing of the two feeds was too much for the computer to handle.

I was only able to salvage video from the first hour of last Sunday’s show. As badly as the first hour was corrupted, the second hour was pretty much non-existent.  I just had to post it though…I WAS WEARING A TIE FOR THE FIRST TIME ON-AIR.

I appreciate the patience of my new subscribers, and look forward to improving the product that you have so graciously purchased.