Subscriber Update


There is, in fact, a light at the end of the tunnel.

My lingering problem with the video feed may be resolved.

It seems that the video processing problem is 90% software compatibility issues. Last week I bypassed the video processing software and simply did a webcam upload. While the video was not great, it was finally something that I could work with.

I was honestly caught completely off guard by the problems. I used to broadcast video during the show to LiveParanormal’s video channel with no problem. Apparently, this lack of problems can be attributed to the computer I was using at the time for that single purpose.

However, sometime last year, that computer fell upon hard times and the cooling fan started making an ugly, loud grinding noise. The computer still worked fine, but the noise was loud enough to be picked up by my microphones. Having a plethora of computers to choose from, I simply set that computer aside and expected one of the replacements to work just as well.

APPARENTLY, that computer is the only one I own that likes the combination of video processing and uploading software that I use.

Well, that computer has returned from the repair shop and has passed the initial tests as far as its ability to upload the video feed for my subscribers. It’s first real test will be this coming Sunday though: Two hours of live video versus the few minutes of video of the test.

If we can make it through this week’s show, then I can concentrate on

  • Improving the video quality and frame rate.
  • Porting in guest video when available.
  • Adding an on-site dedicated chat room.

Let’s all hope the light at the end of the tunnel is NOT the proverbial train from that country song.