Subscriber Update


The way I see it I have only one option left: Sacrifice a virgin to the Internet gods. Unfortunately I don’t actually know any virgins so I’m stuck working the problem.

If you missed the excitement this past Sunday, it all started when my Windows 10 desktop (the one that was involuntary updated from Windows 7 during a routine restore process) absolutely refused to run the video upload. To complete my little adventure in mediocrity, my guest was having trouble even getting his Internet to work at all. After a late start (my first ever), we were able to produce a really good first hour, despite the fact that I was a bit “frazzled”.

As soon as we ended the first segment, he went offline for the night.

The result: One hour of audio instead of two. No video presentation.

Here is what I am up against:

  • My main computer that processes the primary Skype and audio stream and records my primary audio archive cannot handle the video processing at the same time. Tried it. Didn’t come out well.
  • The computer that I usually use to chat and load web pages absolutely will not process the video…period.
  • The computer that loads the commercials and sound clips is so old that I consider it a small miracle every time it powers up. The only reason it is still in action is that it has some old software that I use on the day job that I don’t want to buy again.
  • The computer that handles the “hard breaks” and background audio is a Linux box and the video software I need is essentially unavailable for it.
  • The computer that processes the affiliate feeds is also a little old; a Windows 7 laptop with keys that stick all the time, and some files on the desktop that the cat renamed “mmmmmm”,┬ábut it is the my next best option short of…
  • The possibility of adding one more computer to this nightmare.

In the meantime, all of my subscribers that have joined so far and those that join before the end of January will get one month added to their expiration date to make up for the lack of extra content that they have paid for thus far.

Now to go look on Craig’s List for virgins.