Subscriber Information


Can I still listen to the shows if I don’t join?
Of course. Both Paranormal Filler and Gone Off Topic will be carried LIVE by and here at the website and you will still have archive access to the first hour of Paranormal Filler as always.

Then what do I get for subscribing?
Apart from my undying gratitude, subscribers get exclusive archive access to the archives of Gone Off Topic,  the second hour of episodes of Paranormal Filler recorded during 2016, PLUS access to  my webcam video presentation of the show if I can get the bugs worked out.

New as of November 2017: Access to my Really Bad Tarot Card Readings.

Where are the member archives?
Each show’s member archive will be linked and available from the episode’s regular archive page here on the site.

I live outside of the United States. Can I still subscribe?
Maybe. Because of boring idiosyncrasies in PayPal, my account is only currently set up to  ship items from the “day job” to the U.S. so you may encounter problems. I may have to set up a “work-around” for this limitation.

Can I cancel my membership?
All membership billing is non-recurring. That means all you have to do is nothing and your membership will quietly expire at the end of the term.

It didn’t ask me for username or password when I paid. How do I login?
Whoah! Slow down there, Tex. After completing your payment, you will get an email from me via Word Press. This email has the link to complete your registration for accessing the member content.

Something didn’t work when I tried to subscribe.
Welcome to the internet. The people that design this stuff also want to drive your car. Contact me and I will be glad to help you.

I need to reset my password.
That’s an easy one. Click here.

Why do you ask for a subscriber profile?
I want to occasionally give stuff away to my subscribers. It is much easier to mail you something if I have YOUR ADDRESS. I was unable to fulfill one such giveaway early on because the subscriber did not fill out their address and did not respond to my emails.

How do I edit my subscriber profile?
Login then click here.