Sponsor The Shows

Three Radio Shows
One Low Price

It is time to take ACTION. My shows need SPONSORS if I am going to be able to dedicate the time and resources required for them continue to grow and expand.

With the outlets I am gaining my shows are reaching more and more people and my number of listeners is growing steadily.

Between my syndicated Spreaker channel, my alliance with AMFM247 (which also simulcasts to FCC 15.219 AM and FM stations across the country),  the BlogTalkRadio feed through LiveParanormal, and the great honor of being included on Art Bell’s Dark Matter Network, plus the growing number of sites and phone applications that tap into our around-the-clock archives thousands of people weekly are hearing the show live or archived and I am very pleased with the feedback I am receiving!

I have invested (and continued to invest) a lot of money in the production and distribution of the show. After a few years doing this I think it is time to see if I can move the shows (plus more projects in the pipeline) to another level which will take even more capital.

Several online networks have approached me about going “subscription only” or charging a fee for access to the archives. My current subscription model is a compromise on this idea.

I am offering 15 second, 30 second, and 60 second commercial spots on a weekly or monthly basis. I am keeping the price as low as I can while still making it worth my while to mess with the sometimes tedious process involved. Consider this an introductory offer that I reserve the right to change at any time. Unless requested to do otherwise, I may have voice-over artists do the commercials for an even more professional sound.

Weekly Plans
$10 per week…15-20 second commercial
$20 per week…30-45 second commercial
$30 per week…60 second commercial

Monthly Plans
$20 per month…15-20 second commercial weekly
$40 per month…30-45 second commercial weekly
$60 per month…60 second commercial weekly
Discounts available for longer term agreements.

Paranormal Events & Conventions get 1/2 OFF if you produce your own commercial! Book me for your event and the commercial is included FREE*.

Commercials will run on Paranormal Filler, Scarefest Radio, Gone Off Topic and any other shows hosted during the time period.

Paid monthly sponsors are welcome to send me a banner and other promotional materials to be displayed during my live appearances.

Plus all paid monthly sponsors get regular graphic Tweets during the calendar month. My Twitter account is approaching 8000(organic) followers currently.

All paid monthly commercials are also randomly rotated between segments of our 24/7 archive feed.

You can produce and record your own spot or provide me with an outline and text. It is also worth mentioning that once a commercial  is part of an episode, it remains a part of that episode forever. Whenever someone hears that episode…days, weeks, or months later…your spot will be heard.

And of course the obligatory disclaimer: I reserve the right to refuse any sponsorship for any reason, especially if I do not feel it is appropriate or relevant to my listeners. All offers and terms described are subject to change at any time at my sole discretion

Email me if you are interested:  mailto:advertising@paranormalfiller.com

*FREE commercials may or not be played during the live broadcasts of the shows, but are always added in post to the archive version when possible. Only PAID commercials are guaranteed delivery during the live versions of the shows.