Privacy Policy

Microsoft seems to think that everyone needs a “privacy policy” page, so here it is…

I do not collect any personal information on this site. Period.

As a matter of fact I could give a “rat’s ass” who you are, where you have been or where you are going in the context of this web site. I am just pleased as punch that you have taken a few moments out of your day to visit.

Some of my posts do have advertising banners, almost entirely from I have no idea if those banners do anything before you click on them. It isĀ Amazon after all. Rumors are that people who question Amazon’s practices are picked up by windowless black vans and are never heard from again.

Occasionally I may take a poll or give you an opportunity to contact me via a web form. These forms are always straight forward. In other words, if you enter your email address, then I have your email address. Until I master this whole telepathy thing that is about the extent of my prying into your online life.

So there it is. Your privacy is as safe here as it can be anywhere on the Internet. Now I would appreciate it if the nice folks at Microsoft would stop flagging my website as “unsafe” for the handful of users that haven’t grown tired of Microsoft’s browsers.