Become A Broadcast Partner

Do you have a website and would like our radio feed on it?

We are always looking for new Broadcast Partners to carry our content.

Why add our broadcast feed to your website? Well, first and foremost we would like to think that we sorta rock and our broadcast content would be a welcome addition to any paranormal or podcast site. That being said, our broadcast partners are included in that nifty menu over to the right and are frequently advertised in our Twitter Feed which is pretty darned popular if we do say so ourselves.We should point out that we link to the page on your site that carries our feed. Burying it on an obscure page probably won’t serve either of us very well.

To embed one of our existing feeds just decide whether you would like to use our 24/7 platform that plays random archives around the clock in addition to our live feed or our network feed that offers the last live episode when we are not on-the-air.

To embed our 24/7 feed just copy and paste the following code into your website’s html:

To embed our network feed copy and paste the following into the html:

If your site has the capability of connecting to an RSS feed:

Finally, if you represent a site that already is hosting podcast/webcast content via your own broadcast software and would like to add our feed to your content, just get in touch with us and we will see if we can add you to our simulcast feeds. We have the capability to broadcast to ShoutCast servers, any software that allows access via Skype, and will happily attempt other standalone software packages.

Just be sure to let us know via email or Twitter so that we can share your participation!