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Why add our broadcast feed to your website? Well, first and foremost we would like to think that we sorta rock and our broadcast content would be a welcome addition to any paranormal or podcast site. That being said, our broadcast partners are included in that nifty menu over to the right and are frequently advertised in our Twitter Feed which is pretty darned popular if we do say so ourselves. Continue reading Become A Broadcast Partner

Trying Something New!

Hi, I am your host, Wes Forsythe.

I have decided it is “high time” to give my Paranormal Filler “family” of radio shows a new home. The old “” site has served its purpose well and is not going away.

It’s just that in the radio business (that is if by “business” you mean time wasting, budget consuming, desperate attempt to draw attention to one’s self) branding is everything.

Since the Paranormal Filler brand is well known, it makes sense to make it idiot-simple for people to find the product. On this site I hope to make a fresh start with my archives and special events for the second half of 2015.