Mindy Windholz On Paranormal Filler


This Sunday my guest is researcher and writer Mindy Windholz.

Since the age of three, when she was memorized a passage from the classic record “A Story of Dracula, The Wolfman, and Frankenstein”, Mindy has been obsessed with the paranormal.  And it is only natural, after all, since she is the daughter of a Celtic and German descended mother born on Halloween.

A researcher, Mindy has read countless volumes on the paranormal, not to mention cryptozoology and ufology. She has even conducted her own study, at the university where she works on the link between depression, anxiety, and paranormal occurrences.

A skeptic, but open-minded, her day job is a licensed professional counselor so she likes to approach things from the scientific method point of view. However, her intuition is very strong and says she sometimes comes up with information in sessions with clients that seems to have an almost psychic link.

She is an amateur paranormal investigator and has started a very small team with a close friend. They live almost two states apart but have met up to investigate Missouri State Pen and Waverly Hills.

She is a freelance writer for Paranormal Underground magazine and also has her own blog about pop culture and the paranormal called “Pop Goes Annabelle Lee” on WordPress. Mindy also contributes to Kris Williams’ genealogical blog “Key To Your Tree“.