Jeffrey Daugherty The Christian Whistleblower On Filler


Jeffrey Daugherty is a former 20 year preacher and Bible College graduate with over 35 years and 100,000 hours of Biblical study under his belt.  A spiritual awakening led him to question if Pauline Christianity had co-opted the original message of Jesus (Yeshua) and turned it into a fear and guilt based matrix of control.  Jeffrey now researches and  proclaims the original liberating message of Yeshua and the true nature of the Kingdom of God.

He also is an author and popular conference speaker.  His unique perspectives across the broad spectrum of the unexplained are both refreshing and challenging to the status quo.

His research and discoveries launched and continue to drive NCK: New Cosmic Knowledge, an expanding body of spiritual technologies that Jeffrey uses to help and enlighten  people all over the world and truly discover and understand the worlds that lie beyond our own.  Thirty years and counting of exorcism, demonology, spiritual work, paranormal cleansing, and research spanning the entire broad spectrum of the unexplained, paranormal and parabiblical are the work, passion and contribution of one of America’s most unique and innovative minds.  Jeffrey is currently in the midst of a nation-wide tour speaking and filming the upcoming Paranormal Trip With Jeffrey Daugherty web series.

Daugherty’s main themes are the assertion that we must individually take a fresh look at the New Testament, realizing the historical facts that it was vetted, censored and cleared by two ‘one-world’ governments, the Roman and British empires, and that the original order of its book have been intentionally scrambled to make clear understanding of the flow and development of first century thought, practice and belief difficult at best.  He also emphasizes that Yeshua (Jesus) taught we are not born with original sin but have the spark of divinity within with His words ‘the kingdom of God is in you’ and many more.  Daugherty further contends that Paul the apostle co-opted the original message of the Yeshua Movement and warped it into a fear and guilt based control matrix.  He further contends that the Apostle John wrote the book of Revelation not to inform about the ‘second coming’ but as a warning about the great final false flag attempt to enslave humanity and the planet we live on.

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