Help Out A Friend


Hello. My name is Chris Maggard, and I’m reaching out to everyone to help a very dear friend of ours, Wanda Kay.  I’ve Known Wanda for over 8 years now.  I first met Wanda when she was giving Ghost Tours and Dj’ing At the world Famous Bobby Mackeys Music World in Wilder Kentucky.  Since then we have become great friends.  I’m calling out to everyone that knows Wanda Kay of Wanda Kays Ghost shop in Newport Kentucky and her guest spots on Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel about Bobby Mackeys in Covington Ky, and Ghost Adventures After Shocks at Bobby Mackeys Music World.

Wanda Kay  was just recently dignosed with Stage 4 Cancer that started with her kidneys and has spreaded to her lungs around her heart and into her blood stream.  She has no Insurance to cover the upcoming medical bills that she will endure.  She goes into surgery Tuesday 24th of November to begin the first stages of many surgeries that she will have to face to fight this cancer.  She will need all the help to cover the costs of these bills, every penny of funds raised will go to Wanda Kay to help pay for her Medical Bills and any other bills that she needs to cover for her.

Wanda would need the funds as soon as possible because she has no other source of income besides her Ghost Shop (which she may have to close due to her battle against this cancer) and her husband has been out of work due to health issues as well..

This means so much to me because I hate to see such a wonderful person with such a beautiful heart and soul that has done so much for others and never asked for anything in return, have to face this battle with no insurance or have to loose everything that she has worked so hard for to fight this battle alone.  So Please help by donating what ever you can even just 1 dollar will help..

Thank you so much
Chris Maggard

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