Getting Back On Track


My stress levels have been off the chart lately. Between the day (if by day you mean 24/7) job and personal/spiritual issues I have let the show and the minutia involved slide quite a bit over the past month.

As spring and summer have rolled in, it has become increasingly difficult to free up the time to do all of the behind the scenes chores of producing Paranormal Filler, and often even more difficult to make it to my studio in time on Sunday nights to get everything lined out to even do the show.

Plus, I am aware that fatigue has been showing. My listeners and my guests deserve better. So changes are being made.

The show will now air LIVE only on my Spreaker channel at and at my broadcast partners that carry that feed.

I will no longer broadcast live to  or Diversity Broadcasting Network. Instead,  these affiliates will have my previous public episode at the 8PM EST time slot.

This frees me up to roll the show back to 9PM and  even 10PM. That extra hour should allow me more time to prepare for the night’s events.

The video project is still evolving.  I am still having reoccurring problems with quality due to any number of hardware and software issues. I will tackle this on an ongoing basis.

This new time format will allow for another change. In the past, the 8PM segment was kept public and delivered to my affiliates no matter what happened at 9PM. Now I will deliver what I judge to be the better (more interesting, more famous, better quality audio) of the segments to my affiliates and the public archives and save the “unpublished” hour for my subscribers.

These “unpublished” episodes will also be used for the affiliate feeds when I am unable to broadcast live for any reason.

Hopefully, having a few less buttons to push and a little more time to do it will take some of the stress away and allow me to deliver better content to everyone.

So watch my banners on the web site & Twitter for upcoming LIVE episodes and times.