Denver’s Own Sweetheart Medium Sunny Rosario On The iCon


First question for Sunny: What would possess her to trek from Denver Colorado all the way to Erie Pennsylvania to attend LiveParanormal’s Paranormal Super Con? Was it just to see me?

Find out the answer to this question and many more (well several more anyhow) this Friday. Join us LIVE at 9PM at or

And for those of you playing the home version…

Like most psychic mediums, I cannot remember a time when I felt “normal”. I am a second-generation psychic medium. My earliest memories are of play dates with spirits who were my own deceased relatives.  I have always been bombarded by the energy of people close-by and pick up on the thoughts and emotions of others like a lightning rod.

Although I’d lived with them all of my life, I didn’t have much confidence in my psychic abilities.  I wasn’t even sure I could talk to the dead.  I convinced myself that I was making it all up and managed to shut out the voices and minimize the psychic input I pick up naturally from my environment.  I worked double-time at being normal and had myself convinced that I had things under control.  As a child of the 80’s, I had my heart set on being Madonna.  I  pursued music always, but eventually settled into law because I felt an obligation to have a “serious” career. I was brought up in a hard-working, middle-class family who managed to put me through private school. In my mind, pursuing music wasn’t an option.  I needed to make money and I needed to make them proud.  I turned my back on the life I longed for and buckled down at my desk without thinking about it twice.

It turns out that when the Universe is trying to tell you something, you know.  There came a day when I could no longer suppress my psychic abilities because I was also suppressing my personality and all of the other things that made me feel alive as a person.  A personal, spiritual rennaisance occurred and I was set right back on the path intended for me.  I left my career in law and, acting on sheer faith, taught aerobics for money and performed all of my very first readings for free.

Now when spirit takes over, I feel myself step off to the side and out of the way.  The easiest part of this job is knowing that I, personally, don’t ever have to be right.  Spirit does all the talking.  Ultimately, I believe that Spirit speaks to us in order to facilitate healing and spiritual growth.  After praying for guidance and clarity with regard to my psychic abilities, I came to accept that I am facilitator of this unique type of spiritual growth and recovery.  I knew deeply that I needed to use my psychic gifts instead of trying to extinguish them. I became the newest Denver psychic medium.