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Alex Matsuo On Paranormal Filler


Alex Matsuo is an actor, singer, dramaturg, director, photographer, playwright and paranormal investigator/researcher.  She earned her Master of Arts in Theatre Arts from San Diego State University in May 2011.  If you asked her what she focused on, well, the spectrum is broad.  In January 2014, Alex published her first book, The Haunted Actor, and hasn’t stopped writing since. In December of 2014, she released a self-help writing book called, 10,000 Words: How to Increase Your Writing Speed, Build Your Confidence, and Find Your Voice.

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Mary Dusina: Part III


The “Cosmic Cowgirl” returns for her second visit this year.

Mary is absolutely one of my favorite psychics and guests. We quickly built a good relationship (her sources told her in the spirit world told her that she needed to keep an eye on me) and she always has something to tell me. They say there is a lot going on in the cosmos this month and she is dropping by to catch us up.