Book Me For Your Event

Invite PARANORMAL FILLER to Attend Your Event!

Get all of the promotion with none of the appearance fees.

I wish I could attend all of the events that I get invited to (to which I get invited for the Grammar Nazis). Unfortunately I have neither the time nor the resources to even attempt it.

But, if your organization is willing to cover my basic travel expenses I may be able to appear at your event, promote it, and even cover it for the shows

  • I can attempt to broadcast live from your event if requested.  Some factors that play into this are the notoriously unreliable nature of convention center internet, crowd flow, and whether it can be done without interfering with the event.  My mobile setup works great for doing interviews on location that I can include in a later broadcast. This gives ongoing publicity for your future events.
  • If your event would like to add me to your list of speakers, I can do seminars on a number of topics such as
    Spirit Dowsing
    Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse
    Bad Tarot Gallery Reading
    Sharing Your Passion Through Internet Radio
  • I am also quite the M.C. for panel discussions. I will also gladly take on any announcer duties for your event and can even bring my own megaphone when a public address system is not available. Of course I will also chaperone group ghost hunts.
  • I require only booth space, and basic travel expenses (gas/airfare, hotel, and maybe a meal or two). I do not currently charge any appearance fee unless your event requires excessive travel time or effort. Incidentally, I prefer driving to events within a day’s travel time.
  • I heavily promote the events that I am invited to with every avenue at my disposal including my broadcasts, Twitter, Facebook and the side bar listing my personal appearances on this web site .
  • If you invite me, and I am unable to attend due to other obligations or limitations I will still do everything I can to make your event a success.
  • Due to my possession of an actual “life”, I usually limit myself to one appearance per month. Basically it is first come – first served.
  • Because of the requirements of my day job, I can only do “local” events during December.